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Calor Gas Supply Weston-super-Mare

We supply a range of Butane, Propane and Patio Gas bottles directly from Calor.

Calor Gas bottles are available in a vast range of sizes. We can exchange your empty gas bottles or we can provide new Calor Gas bottles (deposit required).


How Calor Gas Bottles Work

An LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) cylinder is a pressure vessel made from 2 to 3mm mild steel plate and of welded construction. The surface of a cylinder in direct contact with the LPG is known as the wetted area. 

A ‘Full’ cylinder is not full of liquid, the space is left for expansion of the liquid and a supply of compressed vapour in the space above the liquid level. 

The percentage fill varies with the size of cylinder, but normally has a maximum fill of 80 to 87%. 

When the valve is opened, LPG is pushed out of the vessel by the pressure and, as a result, the pressure above the liquid is reduced. 

The liquid takes in heat from the cylinder and the outside atmosphere and begins to boil, giving off vapour. 

As the conversion of liquid to gas continues, the liquids level slowly falls. When the valve is closed again the pressure inside will rebuild up to the vapour pressure of the liquid, irrespective of how much liquid is left in the container.