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Logs and Wood Fuel Products

We are an approved wood fuel merchant (what does this mean? would be good to say all logs sourced from renewable source or eco friendly sources)

Why cutting down trees is not always bad

This is a very serious question, given today's world where deforestation is a serious issue in some parts. Sustainable forest management (managing a forest in a way that keeps it thriving as a forest) is the way forward and means that new trees will be planted to replace those felled, just as a farmer plants a new crop of wheat or corn after each harvest. So tree felling is not always the same thing as 'deforestation', or permanent forest removal.

Opening up spaces in the forest allows sunlight to reach the forest floor, which enables a wider range of plants, insects and animals to live in the woodland than would be able to if it were left to become dense, dark and rank. Foresters describe such woodlands as "over-mature" or "under-managed". This increase in woodland "biodiversity" (biological diversity, or the variety of living things) boosts the woodland's overall health and vigour.

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Traditional hardwood fire logs delivered in nets, ideal for wood-burners and open fires.

Kindling also available in net sacks

Nets of kindling make the ideal choice for fire starters.